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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Firm

I just completed "The Firm" by John Grisham. And like my previous readings of John Grisham I enjoyed the gripping storyline. The book was second work of John Grisham and gives an insight of how big law firms work. A gist of the story follows ( don't worry there are no spoilers, so if you planning to read this one please do so).

The plot is something like this Mitch McDeere a top 5 students from Harvard Law school is just about to graduate with 3 job offers from big firms in New York, Chicago and Boston. He is interested in tax works and he is being called for a job interview in a small firm in Memphis. The firm wants him and gives an irresistible job offer better with great perks like a new BMW(that's hard to resist), a low mortgage house and vacations in Caymans Islands (Caribbeans). Within few days Mitch is on a roll, a self made man he becomes star of the firm by clearing bar exam with top scores and even putting in 60 hours on average at work as a rookie. But somethings are fishy around the office, his activities are monitored, his house is wired, and some FBI agent wants to talk to him about the firm. The rest of the book is how Mitch finds more about the firm, and how he dodges both the firm and the FBI to save his life.

I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who would like to have good read. A movie based on the novel was made in 1993 starring Tom Cruise as the lead character.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Valentine day bloopers

Valentine day is a special day for lovers. Many times couples want to have great memories linked with this day but sometimes not too great. I heard couple of interesting stories about the weirdest V-day celebrations over the radio couple of days back and I have added some of my personal touch to it.

The first story is between Katie and Mike. Both used to work in the same office and were acquaintance but not great friends. On Valentine day 2005, Katie made a desperate phone call to Mike. She said, "Mike you are my last hope. I have two tickets to the LA Lakers game tonight. My boyfriend was suppose to come but something came up at work and he is going of town. I have talked with every other guy in office and everyone has plans. Mike, you are my last hope". Mike was listening but not very keen to go. So Katie pushed and pursuiated him to come and to be his date tonight as she didn't wanted to be alone on V-day. Finally he relented and said yes. He asked about the time and place where to meet up etc. Then just before he hung up Katie asked " So Mike you will pay for your ticket ?" ..........dannnnnngggggggggg

My second story is about graduate students. Graduate students are a unique class of people. They can survive on Ramen noodles, coke and chips for ages. A sign of free food never escapes there sight or ears. So this is a story about two graduate students Bill and Samantha. They were dating each other and on Valentine day instead of have the usual free food or noodles they decided to go to a Chinese restaurant for a proper meal. But due to the limited income they decided to split the bill into half. But Samantha didn't know what Bill had on his mind. She ordered the vegetable fried rice and Kung Pao Chicken. While Bill order water and single egg roll. So for the entire meal he was digging in Samanth's dishes.................... damn you cheap graduate students