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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Moving to a new city

Moving to a new place or a new city is part of life. It is a choice we make for something better in life, may be a better job, better access to family or just to start a new phase in life. But a new environment brings in its own set of new unforseen problems.
Within the US, moving from one city to another is pretty easy, except for the climatic conditions and geographical location of the place. Most cities have similar outlines, having a downtown where all the businesses are located, the similar chain of fast food restaurants and huge malls where all the known brand of grocery, clothings, shoes and other home accessaries will be available. So every city strives to potray what it has different to offer, whether historical stories or political connections or friendly people or regional cuisine (truly speaking americans like to enjoy different type of cuisine and it is one of the first question they ask when they come to a new place).
I have recently made a temporary move to Austin, Texas related to my work. It is a wonderful city with so much natural beauty, a lot of live music to offer that is known as the "live music capital of the world". There is some big concert happening everyday and festivals every weekends. It has a lot of historical and political importance. Even though it is smaller than Dallas or Houston it is still the capital of texas. It provides a great amount of outdoor activities and the city seems to be obsessed with cycling. One can see people cycling any time of the day even on highways. Most of the credit goes to Lance Armstrong, the seven times tour de France winner who is a localite.
On the flip side, the traffic is bad, the public transportation is not of much help and most importantly without a group of friends it is not much to enjoy the city by oneself.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Snakes on a Plane

well the title speaks it all about this movie , but one of the stand up commedian made a joke couple of days back just before the release of this movie. The movie was talk of the town especially on the net and tons of blogs dedicated to it even before it was released so the comedian was on a chat show and said " Bob, i don't know what all these folks are talking so much about this movie, what exactly is it about ."
Whatever the comedian said, the movie stands good, though it scares you at some points since we are all scared of snakes. At many places the snakes biting a person seems hilarious. If you have seen the movie you will know what I am talking about, e.g the snake bites a man in his pe*** when goes to the loo. Samuel Jackson is an A rated actor and does a great job in the movie. But a lot of times the movie just goes over the top.
But definately it is a good to watch the movie once and especially in the theater. So go ahead and watch it if you have not seen it yet.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Nothing in Adult life comes easily

"Nothing in Adult life comes easily", now how far is this statement true. Just sit back and give it a thought.
Firstly, what do we mean by something "coming easily". Something for which we don't have to work hard, something which happens by accident ( a pleasant one) , to get something in life which we always wanted and get it by good luck without working for it like inheritance of lot of money from an unknown uncle. Or working against the law like selling drugs. But such things have equal amount of risk involved.
Another way of saying similar to the above statement is "when we talk about doing things the right way and the hard way most of the times both are one and the same thing."