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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Its a chariot, its a cobra, its a Ford Mustang Convertible

Couple of weeks back a friend of mine and myself made a fun trip to Phoenix, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. We wanted to make it a memorable one and right from the get go we knew it would be one hell of a trip.

The fun began the moment we rented a FORD Mustang convertible. We were exploring all the gadgetry in the car. 'Hey look out the acceleration man', said one, 'the pick up of the car is pretty awesome', another said. 'Wow it goes from 0-60 in 6 seconds'. We were very excited about the vehicle.

But after 5 minutes of drive on the highway it suddenly started raining. Since we had already got the roof down. My friend wanted to get the roof up. So we tried pressing the automatic rooftop lift up button in the appropriate direction but nothing worked. We tried hard but no luck. We thought lets return the vehicle. I made a quick exit in Downtown Phoenix and was waiting on a signal and my friend was still fidgeting with the rooftop button. Suddenly ...eehhhhhhh...the roof started coming up... yeah its coming up it coming up. In the mean time I got the signal to GO. I stepped on the gas, the hood just stopped. It was only half done.

It was hilarious. I couldn't get any rear view. The car looked like a chariot, or a cobra with his spread neck ready to attack.

We made a quick stop and got the roof down. With everything fine no complains about the car, we were all set to enjoy the trip.

Even today the incident just cracks me up :-)