Rohit's nukkad

Sunday, August 13, 2006

first lesson of music

Music is one universal language which one doesn't have to speak just play and enjoy according to the mood and setting. One of my office mates has mentioned couple of days back that he started playing guitar on the curosity of learning it. He invited me at his home to see how he practices and he will play some good songs for me. The interest in music and to get a better knowledge what goes into composing music drove me to his home.
He started off making me feel good by playing some simple tunes. Then he explained the details of how different singers have different pitch, the variation in pitch makes a great singer. Then some basics of guitar like the string are E,A,B,D,G and E while Hindustani music have the basic notes of Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa,Da,Ne,Sa. These basic notes when combined make the notes. So these notes are like alphabets which combine to form sentences.
After this discussion the friend of mine played the flute. Man I should say it is difficult to play it. the blowing of air itself is a learning process.
I just had a wonderful time listening to the music and enjoying it.
The most important lesson which i concluded to be able to play any instrument requires a lot of patience and practice.