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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pictures speak a thousands words

So true are the above words, some pictures speak to you in volumes something words cannot express.

Couple of days back I came across a touching story on where a 5 year kid, Youssif in Iraq was attacked by masked men and burnt with gasoline. On the surface the story looked to be a sad one but after looking at the pictures ones heart goes out for the kid.

The atricle got great response and a lot of people donated money for the child and his family to come to the US and undergo surgery. I think this one the best stories CNN has carried in recent months and has been doing a good job following the latest developments. These days Youssif in the US and undergoing treatments for his burns.

In the past there are similar pictures which become defining moment or the face of a historical event. The following two pictures are something which have stayed along with me.

The first one is from Gujrat (India) communal riots of 2002. A lot of people died in these riots and the state government was irresponsible and ineffective in protecting innocent people. The following picture just stuck out, it showed the helplessness of a common man in front of a mob and his plea not to kill him.

The other picture is one of the defining moment and surly shows the Power of One, how one man can change anything.

The picture is famously known as Tank man or the unknown rebel. Just a quick background of the historical event related with the picture. In 1989, a huge protest took place in the Tienanmen Square in Beijing where a lot of students, intellects and labor activists were protesting against the
Communist ruling.

The incident got a lot of international media coverage. Hence to crush the protesters the Chinese
government implemented martial law and called in the army. The above photo and video shows the Power of one, one person standing and trying to stop these huge military tanks.

Truly these pictures speak more than thousand words.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Old TV Shows - link

In one of my earlier post the man, the machine...Street hawk( May 17th 2007) I mentioned how much enjoyed watching TV show in Doordarshan in the late 80's and early 90's. Recently I found a very interesting link to watch couple of these shows. The link is and it comes from the house of Rajshri productions makes of films like Maine pyar kiya, Hum aapke hain kaun etc and it is legal.
The website has complete episodes for shows like Malgudi Days, Fauji, Mahabharat, Surabhi and many more. I watched couple of shows of Malgudi days and must say the quality is simply great. These shows are available for free for online viewing, one can download these shows for a small charge. There are tons of movies to watch too if you are interested. So sit back and enjoy the shows and movies you loved.