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Friday, October 16, 2009

Readers Bill of Rights

The First Ten amendments in the United States Constitution, are known as the Bill of Rights. Similarly in Danniel Pennac’s book “Better than life”, he defines TEN BILL OF RIGHTS FOR READERS.

THE RIGHT TO NOT READ – Yes you heard me right, the right to NOT read, this makes everyone read at their own leisure and time. And even if they don’t want to read it’s okay.

THE RIGHT TO SKIP PAGES – how many times have we skipped pages while reading? We once in a while look diagonally. And even if you are someone who like to read word to word. Its just another pleasure among the many pleasures of reading.

THE RIGHT TO NOT FINISH – it you lose interest in a book before finishing it, that’s okay. Let it go. Books are unlike wine, they don’t age, they sit on the shelves and wait for us to age and as we mature we might pick them up one day

THE RIGHT TO REREAD – we watch television programs and movies again and again why can’t we reread books?

THE RIGHT TO READ ANYTHING – there should no boundaries on what to read, let the reader decide what to read.

THE RIGHT TO ESCAPISM – Immediate gratification of our senses is what escapism is all about. We all started out like this, before we laid our hands on “great literature” works

THE RIGHT TO READ ANYWHERE – one should be given the freedom to read anywhere. For all the people who don’t have time to read - reading needs to be stolen from other life obligations hence subway is the world’s longest reading room

THE RIGHT TO BROWSE – we all browse through books, you don’t need to read them, browse through them

THE RIGHT TO READ OUT LOUD - this art has lost its charm in recent times. Reading aloud test the story which the book is meant for any one can reach a larger audience.

THE RIGHT TO NOT DEFEND YOUR TASTES – absolutely one doesn’t need to defend what they are reading