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Thursday, May 17, 2007

the man, the machine ....Street Hawk

How many of you can remember Street Hawk. If you cannot then let me refresh your memory, Street Hawk was a TV series telecast in India in the late 80's on Doordarshan at Sunday noon (originally it was telecast in the US for one season in 1985 on ABC). It probably the first show which showed how cooool bikes are. Well I am trying to recollect some good TV shows which I used to enjoy as a kid. Let me try to list them as I can remember them in no particular order.
  1. Giant Robot (today I came to know the right name of this series - Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot, for us it was alway Giant robot) - a Japanese series about this huge robot controlled by a kid, who fights the bad guys and weird creatures. This program was telecast on DD Metro and was a favorite (more info).
  2. The World this Week - one of the best new programs to be telecast in India. I still miss the coverage by Pranab Roy and his team. They later on went to work with Star News and then created NDTV 24 hour news channel. But ' The World this Week' was the best.
  3. Flop Show/Ulta-Pulta - a comedy show by Jaspal Batti and his group. This show consisted of just 13 episodes but all the shows were simply hilarious. It was probably the first comedy show which made Indians laugh at them selves. There were countless reruns of the show. Ulta-Pulta was a small segment program of 5 mins in the morning where jokes were presented.
  4. Fauji - 'I say chap' who can forget this cool line. I guess now this show enjoys more popularity because it had Shahrukh Khan (a very popular Bollywood star) in his early struggling days on television. But a great show.
  5. Didi's Comedy Show - One of my favorite foreign comedy shows. The show was orignally from Germany.
  6. Wagle ki duniya - one of the best portrait of common (middle class) man 's life and problems in India
  7. Malgudi days - "Swami .........ta na tana naaa....." , a kid's life growing up in a small South Indian town Malgudi. There were a number of short stories part of this program.
  8. Dekh Bhai dekh/ Aa bail mujhe maar/ Idhar Udhar - a great bunch of actors thrown in together and results were very hilarious
  9. Neev - one of the best serials about hostel life. It was great to watch kids getting in trouble learning from mistakes and how different hostels used to compete among themselves to be the best.
  10. Spider Man - well not the movie series, it was the animation version which made us familiar to this Marvel comics super hero.
  11. He-Man - this show was great fun, He-man and the Master's of the universe.... tune nu nu tu .........(music). Orko, Ramman, Skeletor, etc great bunch of characters.
  12. Surabhi - great cultural educational program. I doubt any other program came close to it.
There is one more program which I really liked but couldn't recollect the name. It used to be a one hour segment on Sunday mornings sponsored by Tata Steel about animals. It was very informative. Well these were some of my favorite childhood programs. Feel free to share with us your favorite childhood programs.
Note: The following link has title song for some of the mentioned TV programs and many more, thanks Aditya for the link


  • +1 to all those you have listed. A few more that I recall from those days:

    Nukkad I'm surprised you left this one out, considering what your blog is named! This was a show about err, Nukkad - a local street corner where a motely crew come together after a hard days work - including but not limited to - a beggar, a drunk (he was my favourite), a policeman, a school teacher, a kind hearted rowdy who has a crush on the teacher, his gang and the local tea-stall owner.
    Indradhanush The first original sci-fi show about a group of kids who invent a time machine and their adventures.
    Life Line A medical drama potraying the life of staff and patients in a hospital.
    KaramchandThe uber cool detective with dark glasses and usually found chewing a carrot !? accompanied by his goofy female assistant.

    By the way, item 4 in your list should be Didi's Comedy Show. The original show was German called Die Didi-Show. Didi, played by Dieter Hallervorden, was absolutely hilarious. The best part was the show didn't have many dialogues. So they couldn't screw up with the dubbing. In many ways, it was a pre-cursor to Mr. Bean.

    Thanks Rohit. That was a wonderful reminiscence down memory lane.

    By Blogger Spidey, at 5:51 PM, May 19, 2007  

  • I found a similar post The old “idiot” box… circa October 2005 on another blog attracting responses as recent as a couple of days ago. Quite a popular topic, and rightly so.

    By Blogger Spidey, at 6:06 PM, May 19, 2007  

  • Yup missed out on Nukkad - Khopadi was the drunkard character and his dialogue delivery was very popular among kids to goof around.

    By Blogger Rohit, at 1:15 AM, May 20, 2007  

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