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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pani puri

Couple of days back, while I was at work, apparently for no reason I had this uncontrollable craving for Pani Puri. For those not familiar with pani puri it is an Indian snack part of the chaat family which consists of small puris stuffed with mashed potatoes, boiled dal, fresh mint water( i.e. pani) and tamarind/dates chutney.
The snack is heavenly and those who love it will swear by it. I have been a big fan of pani puri since childhood. I remember asking my mom to make tons of pani puri for my birthday so I can eat them till my stomach bust open.
So what makes pani puri so great. I guess the whole idea of consuming something filled with water in one go (one needs to eat the complete puri otherwise the water will spill over). To the best of my knowledge I don't any other dish which comes close to it. Another fun aspect of pani puri is the 'on the go' taste change. Pani puri is very commonly sold by street vendors, the vendor fills up the stuffing in the puris and the customer just gulps it down while instructing the vendor to make it more hot or add in the sweet chutney more. So one gets to adjust the taste of the dish on the go. Isn't that amazing.
Pani puri is also known as Golguppe (north india) or Foochka (Puchka) in West Bengal or Gupchup in central part of India and Orissa. But whatever the name of this wonderful dish, I am sure if you are big fan of this dish you must be craving for more by now.