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Monday, January 29, 2007

Good Feed Reader

In one of my earlier posts i mentioned about the idea of RSS feeds which help in getting all the latest news articles or blog posts from the various linked websites giving one the convenience to scan over the headlines first and if interested reading the complete article.
News feeds can be of two types something which can be locally to ones machine like outlook express for emails or like a web based service like yahoo or gmail. The advantage of having a web based RSS is it gives one the flexibility to access from any machine connected to the internet.
Recently I have started using Netvibes, a web based news feed. It is very easy to use. One can even link emails, calender, weather and a whole lot of things to it. It gives you the freedom to get all your favorite website feeds at one place. So you can scan through hundreds of news articles however only reading those which interest you. The tab feature helps to categorize ones feeds.
Another similar web based feeds reader is Pageflages. I haven't used it but seems to be quite similar to netvibes. If you know more about Pageflages or any other interesting feed reader do let me know.