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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

187 Mumbai Stories

You must be wondering what the above title stands for ........ 187 Mumbai stories...... well 187 people lost their lives in the July 11th 2006 train bomb blasts in Mumbai. In order to bring the stories behind each and every person who died in the bomb blasts, Indian Express carried out a series called "187 Mumbai stories" in their Mumbai edition with one story per person per day.
Anyone humane felt the pain and anger about the tragic bomb blasts but for someone born and brought up in Mumbai the pain and anger was even more against the faceless enemy called "terrorist" who were responsible for the bomb blasts. I felt really sad too. I just didn't knew what to do. I was happy that all my family, friends and acquaintance were not injured or hurt in this terrible tragedy (except for a friend who was minorly injured).
But kudos to the team at Indian Express who covered the story behind each and every person. I started following their articles sometime in November onwards and made it a point to read them daily. These ordinary people had extraordinary lives. How the family is coping up the losses and trying to fill in the void was really very touching.
Today an editorial and list of all the stories was published in the Indian express online edition. I would request you to read couple of them and just understand the pain and suffering of the families and friends behind these 187 people.