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Sunday, October 15, 2006

People in our lives - Part 1

In life we come across different kind of people some good, some bad and some so so. I would like to divide these people into categories. First and foremost is family, one's close family. These are the people which brings us to the world, our parents, help us develop our character which sometimes lasts all our life. Our siblings, form part of the family group, they are someone with whom we grow up with, with whom we may fight a lot but stay very close to all our lives. A second group of people is relatives. They are someone we don't choose, some of them are very influencial in our lives but some are pain in the a**. Since even though we don't like them we have to keep up with them. Another group is our friends. these are the group of people we choose. This group of people are someone we grow close to since we choose them on common interests, someone we like to spend time with. A handful of them stay with us all our life while there are some with whom we spend a short period of time. And there are people whom we cannot categorise, people like our teachers, strangers we met, people with whom we have to deal with once in a while like ones car mechanic, the bank teller, some office colleagues etc.
Of all these categories, there is one category which is the most unpredicatable and too much to handle. This is the group of relatives. Relatives are a wierd group of people, it includes grand parents who shower you with love and gifts and just expect love in return. They are the coolest since they fulfil all your requirements which parents don't want to give. And then there is some distinct cousin or uncle or aunt who just want to drop by ones place and be the most annoying person to deal with. They might ask for financial help with or without assurances of returning the favor or just make ones life miserable by just being around.


  • QUOTED: "... Relatives are a wierd group of people... who just want to drop by ones place and be the most annoying person to deal with..."

    Ha!!! I remember you telling stories about year-round visitors (relatives) to your home at Bandra, and with an abnormally long stay :)

    I think you're certainly missing them now ;)

    By Anonymous Aditya Ayre, at 11:23 PM, December 18, 2006  

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