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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mumbai rocked by series of bomb blasts

I am very sad because it happened to my city, Mumbai,  upset since it was so close to the place where i have grown up and sorry since i feel helpless as i couldn't do much about it.
On reading about the blast on BBC I called my parents to know if everything is alright. And was happy to know everyone is fine. But slowly more news started ticking in with the blast numbers increasing from three, five to seven with reports of the eighth one defused.
Most of the bomb blasts places are within 10 km radius from where i had stayed most of my life. It seems  that someone has attacked my home, my own backyard.
But  here is saw the real power of blogs, please see the good work by the following blogs
Metroblogging Mumbai , Mumbai Help ( an awesome effort),
    These pages gave a timeline to the blasts, a common man perspective and more importantly a platform from where one can link to other news websites.
      I pray to Almighty to give the families and friends who have lost their dear ones the strength to overcome their loss


  • It is a horrible crime against humanity. But, still mumbaikars are back to their usual life. They will not complain for the rest of their like (again) against the civic infrastructure and safeguards.

    One finds the lack of pride in their surrounding, but is only echoed to show off that they live in a metro (best of India)

    Am certainly feel sorry for all mumbaikars (being myself one of them) and also thankful for the God and delayed trains for saving my family member's lives (they missed those trains to say). And how unfortunate were those who did not.

    There were rumours about the Gujarati community being targeted for the riots held in past as 6pm-7pm is time most Gujaraties travel back home. The links to Kashmir blasts and mumbai ones are only seem made up by government.

    Dunno, what future brings. These are shameful acts. Atleast those who did are afraid to come open up and bring their voice before the democracy. It may be indicator that even the democracy is failing and has only effect at some point but less impact (favorable) in people's lives.

    Such atrocious attacks are only condemnable by government. They will find some SIMI or similar group hideouts and arrest few and try to soften the matter for a few days. And people as usual forget (same indifferent attitude repeated). The photographs showing people helping each other are very few incidents and may be just because they felt like doing it (got a chance to show off).

    I don't know how to write more what is going on in my mind about such incidents. I thank only that it did not bring huge damage, may God bless those whose life was snatched within few minutes (inside that shit, crowdy local train, that too in monsoon when no place to move!), and those who are maimed (how horrible, how empathetic), still I have no clue how to write on... may be people can help in here.

    By Anonymous Aditya Ayre, at 9:59 AM, July 15, 2006  

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