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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A morning person

"Good morning" these are the first words we hear everyday, may be from our family members or friends if not then surely we hear it at our work place.
But do all people really enjoy mornings, does everyone is very enthusiastic about their day. Well i can't say for others but i am very much a morning person. I like to get up early, though i didn't liked it much as a kid. But soon i realized that i am more productive in the morning as compared to any other time of the day.
My dad is a very much a morning person. Even now he is the frist person to wake up in the morning until and unless he has been out for the night due to work. So i guess i have it in my genes to be a mornig preson.
So what make morning so special and why do i call myself a morning person. Well it is all about productivity for most people. The time they are most productive, it may be late nights or early mornings, they like that time.
As a morning person i think it is more to it. Other than the freshness of the day which morning brings along with birds chirping and the rising sun. The most important thing that a morning does it makes or break your day. Just imagine having a bright morning will make one happy and more enthusiastic about his/her day on the other hand a dull morning with rains will make one slip into the quilt and sleep for a couple of hours.
So whatever makes one happy and more productive work wise is the best time of the day.


  • Mornings exist only to get cozier in bed and catch that extra sugar-sweet sleep or if you need to catch an early early flight.

    By Blogger Amit B, at 2:58 AM, June 03, 2006  

  • Nope, mornings are part of our human life. The sun rises and our daily body cycle begins. Our body temperature is responsible for our activity levels throught the day and proper sleep in the night. The more light we get the more the temperature rises in body. The balance of which decides a proper daytime and proper nighttime for human body. This is an age-old fact that am putting here. Once we get up early in morning (when sun rises) we feel active throughout the day. And also, for the same reason people even willingly cannot concentrate before the sun rises => the body temperature is not rising => we need to do little excercise or take a walk.

    There are lot more to these and to treat mornings as just another time of day is wasting good time of our life!

    Rohit's post abt this is what everyone experiences in their life. We tend to be lazy abt getting up early in morning while we were small kids. But, as we go to school in higher classes and need to concentrate on studies, we tend to realize its power to getup early in morning when Sun Rises.

    This is also supported by the fact that the Surya-Namaskaars are.

    By Anonymous Aditya Ayre, at 8:22 AM, June 03, 2006  

  • You are either a Night Owl or a Morning Rooster...

    By Blogger bikku, at 3:21 PM, June 09, 2006  

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