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Thursday, May 04, 2006

What makes "Friends" work.

"Friends " a program about 6 friends staying in New york city has been popular not only in US but throughout the world for more than a decade. And it reruns still attract a good audience.
So what makes "Friends" work. It is really hard to say or predict what makes a television program work. Firstly humour is very very important, people laughing at themselves and sustained humour for along time makes it sucessful. There are couple of other reasons which makes me think about the success of this program it is about bunch of regular "John Doe's" who are trying to overcome their day to day problems with a tinch of humour and support from friends. Come what these friends stand by each other.
The basic premise of 3 girls and 3 guys i guess comes from an another NBC program "Saved By the Bell". This program has 6 school going kids growing together and then go to college. Probably friends gives it an extension how these people adjust in real world.
There are couple of universal concepts which makes friends very appealing, this includes youthness, sex lives of each of the characters, every character is so difference however they mix so well as a group. They see their short coming and try to over come them .
Everyone can relate to any of these characters be it a little selfish one like racheeal a " happy go lucky kind " like joey, there is something for everyone .

Each of these six friends come from really strange background but they love each other for what they are and not for what their parents were.
They find really strange people to date but still they learn and move ahead.
And over the years the freshness , the youthness has been maintained that makes friends work.


  • Yep, Friends was surely a big hit! I think my favorite scene is the one (its TOW I dont remember what the name of that episode is) where Ross decides to play the bag-pipe for Monica and Chandler's wedding. At the end, Ross is playing it for all of them, and he asks them to join in.. And Phoebe starts a very sincere, shrill, high-pitched howl, supposedly in tune with the bag-pipe. And you can see the others laughing for real. I thought that was really hilarious!

    By Blogger Amit B, at 1:08 PM, May 07, 2006  

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