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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Forrest Gump

As mentioned in my earlier blog message i see quite a few movies. One the few movies which i wanted to see lately was Forrest Gump.
So finally got a chance to see it on saturday evening. Words are short to describe the beauty of this movie. It is next to impossible to ignore a character like Forrest.
He is stupid, or should i say he is a very simple guy not intelligent or smart to fit in this evolving world. But in each and every incident in his life sometimes he is lucky( introducing black americans in college in alabama), sometimes he just follows his supervisors orders
(like in the army or playing ping pong) and feels lucky to have them as his boss. Or sometimes he just does what he feels like doing (running across america).
One thing which is beyond words to explain is how people are very much surprised to know that Forrest of the guy who owns Bubba-Gump shrimp company, or he is the guy who was invited to meet the president 4 to 5 times . So is recognition and money so important for people. I guess it recognition which stands more higher than money. Everyone is in a fight to show how great they are. How much they can achieve. Get a pat in the back from friends, supervisors and it is this recognition which gives the "TRUE" happiness. Or it is something which they think gives them true happiness. But does it ?
I recently read two articles online which are not related with each other but surely bring an important point - parental pressures.One about an Indian-American born girl aged 18 years, Harvard Student Kavvya Vishwanathan. She received big bucks (six figures) for writing her first book and another one to follow. One would say that is quite an achievement for such a young person. But lately in has seen that many passages ( about 29 of them ) have been plagiarized or copied from another well known author. New york times printed an article about this and the publishing of the books have been stopped and contract has been terminated.
Another incident is about a 16 year old chinese-american girl Esmie Tseng from Kansas who stabbed her mother. The girl was a brilliant student and excellent sports person. But her parental pressure was too much for her to handle. Her online blog which she has been writing for the past 3 years gives the day to day pressures and expectation she had to meet of her parents. Her relation with her parents was stained especially her mother and it was the main reason of
killing her.
How many of us go to these pressures. I guess there are performance pressure from all parents but after a certain point it does not mean " pressure" it is more like " dictatorship " or " military rule " .Something like you have to come first, if you don't it is the end of the world for you.
I should say that i have been lucky to never to go through these turmoils. My parents never pressurized me about anything. I may not be the most brilliant person around or the most smarted but they surely have given me the strength and power to face this world. And that is more that what i can ask for. Now it is up to me set my goals and a path to achieve it. The most important thing that they have engraved in me is about HARDWORKING and i truly value it.
Nothing substitute for hardwork and as some one said " Hard work is a marathon not a sprint " so just keep striving for your goals and always keep inproving since nothing is perfect there is always scope for improvement .


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