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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Express yourself

I have always wondered why people create blogs and what do they write and who the hell is going to read their day in day out activitiy.These were my initial views about blogs. I didn't have the paitence to read any of these blogs and never attempted to read though whenever a friend
told me about his or her blog i took a glance. And readlized in many cases it showed the multifacets talents and thoughts of people whom i knew si well. Some may write poems, some about their triumphs in day to day life. But surly everyone had their say about something or the other. A friend even wrote about the 10 of his favorite dishes. Wow so one can write anything under the sun. So here i am today all geared up to express myself. Tell the world what i think, what i am doing. Even if no one reads it will surely help me express myself in a better manner. Help me have a better understanding about my work, my extracirricular activities like sports, watching telivision , watch movies( I should admit that i watch about 1-2 movies per week).
Let's begin with what i am reading these days. Well to tell you the truth i just got hooked to reading just recently. About couple of months back i had a discussion with my brother-in-law and we were discussing about National Treasure (2004 Nicklas Cage movie), which i had seen a day before on his recommendation. And he mentioned that i should read the "Da Vinci code" it will set the ball rolling about the secret societies which existed in the past ( and maybe
exist now too ). I was about to make a trip to india in December so got hold of the book and started to read. I should admit though i am a pretty slow reader and read as and when get
the time. So far haven't completed a book in a single sitting. So took about a month to finish this one. And was extremely impressed.
I don't want to get into the discussion what the books says and what it doesn't. Since it is a piece of friction or more appropriately piece of "faction" (facts + friction) and a lot has been said about it. So will avoid getting into that arguments. But surely this book made me more curious and highly invovled into reading.
After that i read "Deception Point " and "Digital Fortress" two other works by Dan Brown .I think "deception point" has been the best work, may be better than Da Vinci code. I finished Digital fortress in record time of 4 days. Well may not be a record for others but for a person who takes anywhere between a month to a year to read a book this is a record.
A good friend handed over to me "The Chamber " a john grisham novel, another work of friction but so much about history to be learned from it. The extend of details with which John Grisham explains the day to day experience of a person on death row. Even to the last chapter one is hopeful that the person with not be executed. The tricks and methods which lawyers use to win a case. Forget even if they are on the right or the wrong side of law . Winning for their client is the most important thing.
Currently i am reading " the Man who knew infinity", will write a detail post about this soon.
So you see since December 2005 i have read 5 books which i have never done before. Hope to carry the good work.


  • hey cool... rohit u hav given some new books to read this summer. i have read other books of these authors but not these particular ones..John Grisham is one of my favs...n when it comes to reading i'm a freak..i cant let go of d book till i'm done..literally!!!

    By Anonymous Andrea, at 2:06 PM, May 18, 2006  

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