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Monday, February 19, 2007

Nigerian Prince Inheritance

A lot of times I have received emails from some lawyer in Nigeria ( or some other African country) stating that some rich oil magnate or prince has died and he has been my long lost uncle and has chosen me (of all people) to inherit his fortune tuned to be in millions of dollars. To gain access to the money I have to contact the lawyer (he/she give his name, address, phone number and email id in the mail) so that they know I am for real. I generally used to neglect such mails and used to put them in trash. But the mails kept coming though may be with a different heading or different contact address but one thing never changed "me being the lucky one".
One time out of curiosity I replied back to the email. To which I got a response from the concern person asking me to send in my bank account number so that the money be wired to me. This just confirmed my doubts about the money making scam.
It seems that such types of mails are pretty common and a lot of people have been fooled by it.
But since this trick has become somewhat old a new method used is about rare dog breed which will be send to you if you can send in the shipping charges for the dog from Africa. A lot of people complained about this to a local radio station in San Francisco. To prove it as a money making scandal the radio jockey, on live program called up the number of the concerned person ( the lawyer or the breeder), and after the usual greetings the jockey asked for some proof if the dogs are for real. To which the reply came whoof whoof..............whoof whoof .