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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Gossip News telecast

American News channel really know how to turn the television into idiot box. In the last couple of days two news stories that has dominated the news channels have been the astronaut love triangle and the Ann Nicole Smith's mysterious death (well this one continues to dominate with a new twist added every day).
Among the news channels CNN and FOX news stand tall with there amazing ability to put gossip news as prime time news. CNN made a coverage for straight 90 minutes without commercial break during the death of Ann Nicole Smith, such is the importance of that news story. This was longer than the President's address to the nation but slightly less than the commercial free coverage on 9/11 ( reference The Daily Report by Jon Stewart).
These channels bombard you time and again with the same story thinking they are delivering news. I have no doubt that 24 hour news channel originated from the US with 24 hours dominated with gossip and sports news. It is really pathetic and to see such channels as the most top rated channels.
But such type of new coverage is gaining ground in India too. Channels like Aaj Tak, IBN-CNN ( no doubt CNN is it partner) are following the footsteps of there American associates.
A similar gossip news to dominate these Indian channels on prime time is the engagement of two Bollywood stars. The irony was none of the news channels had pictures or confirmation about the news and the only thing they had was to show the clipping from the engaged stars old movies. But they still kept on planning it over and over again.
A piece of advice, an interesting article to keep one brain more active states that one should watch less television and put more time in other activity like reading or family time.
Thanks to such great channels gossip news will always be breaking news.