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Saturday, February 24, 2007

New Daylight Saving TIme

Generally the daylight saving time is on the first sunday of April (eg. 2nd April 2006) but from 2007, it has been changed to the second sunday of March (this year it is 11th March). The idea behind this to save energy.
Though it's not a big deal but some folks look as a major software bug after the Y2K scare. But I think it is more of an "American overhpye" thing. Over hype since it is just matter to couple seconds (on personal machine) to hours (large servers managing thousands of computers) and major software vendors have provided a patch to fix the problem. Since vendors are more aware about the effects on their clients. Some software providers like Apple are automatically updating their users with the patch , some like Microsoft Windows home users have to get the patch from the Support Center.
So if you have not got the patch yet follow the links towards the end of this post for Windows XP and other Microsoft users.

Windows XP home users
Microsoft Support (other Window users)