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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Wii makes you go Wee

Everyone in the developed nations (especially Japan and US ) saw the mad rush by gamers for Sony Playstation 3 or Nintendo Wii last November around Thanksgiving. There were news articles how gamers stood in line for three-four days to lay hands on these gaming machines with arguments how each of these consoles were better than there predecessors.
Well I don't want to get into the argument which one is better or which one is not. But today I got a chance to lay my hands on Nintendo Wii, and I should admit that I never had so much fun playing video games. The highlight about Wii is its motion sensor technology. So while playing games like tennis one needs to swing the controller to play the shots. The technology is awesome. A set of games like tennis, golf, bowling, baseball and boxing (this one is the best) come along with the initial pack which also includes the Opera browser, forecast channel, photo organizer and many more features. Along with these sporting games I got a chance to play couple of fun games like Smooth Moves. This game involves a set of random actions not lasting more than couple of seconds. So one needs to be very alert since one doesn't know what fun activity might pop up.
Though Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation series are very popular they target male audience, especially teens with war or action games as there main bestsellers. However Nintendo has focused on family games and entertainment for the entire family. So Wii games can be played by a three year kid to seventy year old grandpa.
So if you haven't played Wii, give it a try. I can guarantee you, you wont want to stop jumping around with excitement and fun.