Rohit's nukkad

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Contradicting Oneself

Couple of days back I wrote a blog post about looking back at one year of blogging. In the post I mentioned about having a more focussed blog with posts related to one topic or a group of topics. I asked for inputs from my readers too what they would like to read. One of the comments for the post from Aditya Ayre mentioned the following

Well, isn't it "Rohit's nukkad"?
Write whatever is in/around your 'nukkad'.
and keep us amused

This comment put a smile on my face, it made me realize that my new approach of having a focussed group of topics on the blog was not in compliance with my blog title "Rohit's Nukkad". "Nukkad" is a Hindi word meaning "street corner" which is an ideal meeting place for friends to hang out and talk about anything under the sun. So changing the blog title should be the first step if the new approach of specific topic posts has to be put in practice. Well I won't do that, I will continue to write on Rohit's Nukkad on topics which I find interesting and keep my readers amused.