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Friday, May 04, 2007

Why Cricket World cup 2007 blog FAILED ?

In my previous post I mentioned about my failed attempt to continue a second blog - Cricket World Cup 2007. The whole purpose of started the blog was I wanted to have a blog with focusing on one topic, with cricket world cup 2007 just 2 months away (I started writing the blog in January 2007) it proved to be an ideal topic to write about. I started off with a lot of curiosity and did some ground work like understanding the tournament format, studying the teams, their pre tournament standing, which team will perform good in Caribbean conditions and which teams will surprise.
But soon I realized that websites like cricinfo, the official cricket world cup 2007 website were very well at giving updated information related with the world cup. It didn't make sense to just copy material from these websites. I was finding it dificult to get original blog material. I couldn't find any other well written blog related with the topic. Yes jorunalists and reporters of major TV channels and newspapers have there cricketing blogs but an open, unbiased view was missing. Another thing which contributed towards my loosing interest with the blog was "India's inconsistent performance". If you are an Indian team fan you will understand what I trying to say. India has a great bunch of players, but everything is holds good only on paper. The team is always full of surprises. This contributes to a love and hate relation with the game for its fans including myself. One time the team gives some great performance that we(fans) just have cricket to talk about but the other times the team will be defeated by some lowly ranked teams in the most pathetic manner and we just want to hang our players and never want to see a game of cricket ever(though soon everything gets forgiven and foregotten pretty soon).
Truly speaking the blog never took off in reality. When I started the blog World cup was 2 months away hence it was expected that I make at least one blog post per day but I just didn't contribute to the cause. After writing just three article I just let the blog sit there.
Anyway the experience helped me explore another blog hosting website - wordpress. After exploring their tools and services I was very impressed and I will get back to them with another blog topic in the future. The blogging experience made me realize that I enjoy cricket more to play than to watch and read about it.


  • ohhh boy another well written blog post ..according to me ur post did not do that well as it required me also to give some inputs n be entu about it .....but i made no efforts as such .........very sorrrryyyyy for no efforts from my end......hope not to disappoint further ........keep blogging dude....

    By Blogger darshana, at 5:50 AM, May 06, 2007  

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