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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cricket World Cup 2007 -perspective

The finals between Australia vs Sri Lanka for World Cup 2007 will be played today. As the World Cup comes to an end I would like to present my personal perspective of the tournament.
  • Bob Woolmer being murdered, surly brought the ugly face of the game - betting.
  • First and foremost both India and Pakistan had to pay a high price for their inconsistent performance and were eliminated in the first round on the tournament. People of these countries have a "short term memory" and soon everything will be forgotten and forgiven once these team give some positive results in near future (if they give so).This as always delays the process of putting a strong team not only on paper but also on the field.
  • Little known team like Ireland played really well in the tournament. I guess more international tours are restored for them in the future and maybe a test status couple of years down the line.
  • The consistent "winning" performance by the Australian team has two perspective to it. They have set great standard of performance for the game. But at the same time it is high time that someone defeat them. They stand in a league apart than all the other cricket playing nations. None of the teams have troubled them slightly. Their players may give bold statements on and off field but the bottom line is they have given performance to match these statements.
  • Team like England and West Indies have been hyped during the tournament. In the past couple of years these teams have never looked strong one-day teams. They might have given couple of good performance here and there but surly they have to do give some consistent performance.
  • South Africa was my biggest disappointment second to India. They had played some good games but the way they played the semis was by far there worst performance. They definitely could have given a much better performance.
  • A lot of people complained the tournament was too long. But I think it was the best format since top 8 teams got even chance and only the top 4 performers got into the semis. I guess the complain is to do more with very few interesting games (if I am correct there were just 3 nail bitting games).
Well now the tournament comes is ending lets move on to the next sporting event .


  • wow very well written......i agree with all the points mentioned. south africa has been the biggest disapointment and i was banking a lot on them .....Indian team is one which shud not be spoken about and should not be seen in any ads for the next ....i mean they shud be banned for the nest 1 year ......anyways ..alls over yaarr

    By Blogger darshana, at 6:31 AM, April 29, 2007  

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