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Saturday, May 26, 2007

George Bush joke

US president George Bush is very popular among late night show hosts like Jay Leno, David Lettermen, etc. and butt of jokes among a lot of American people. But internationally too he is equally popular. At a recent diplomatic level meeting between North and South Korea officials, to ease out the tension one of the officials cracked a joke on Mr. Bush's liberty. The joke goes something like this.
One spring morning Mr. Bush was having his jog around the White House as usual he was in deep thoughts about solving world issues ( read Iraq war). A speeding car was heading towards him, the driver honked but there was no affect on the president. Just then a group of children heading towards school dived towards Mr. Bush and saved his life.
Mr. Bush was so impressed by the act of bravery that he asked the children what they wanted. He gave them the freedom to ask anything and since he is the president he will fulfill their wish. The children replied that they would each like to get a cremation spot at the Arlington Memorial cemetery.
Mr.Bush was surprised with the answer. He asked the children for the reason behind such an unusual wish. To which the children replied "when our parents come to know what we have done they will kill us."