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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Two men and a truck

Today I purchased a used television. The TV was a sweet deal and a bargain for the size and the price offered. I just went bonkers once I saw the television and made a quick payment to get the television. Once the TV was purchased and the owner wanted us (myself and roommate) to pick the TV to our car I realized the TV was heavy, very heavy. We somehow managed to get to our apartment complex but the herculean task was to move TV on a flight of stairs to get to our living room.

Some how we were able to climb 3 steps when my roommate gave in and we realized the task required more hands. Finally two more friends helped up to get over the challenging task and we completed the job.

So how much exactly did this TV weigh since it needed 4 pair of hands.
Any guesses ....75...100 .......125 pounds.

Keep guessing .........154 pounds.

Lesson for the day : Before purchasing a TV decide if you going to carry the TV, if so then forget the price and the looks of the TV, weigh it first ;-)

PS: So what has the title suppose to do we the post, well I see these moving company trucks - Two men and a truck they are movers with a funny name. But today my roommate and myself were in this situation where two men picking up a truck (TV in this case which was size of a truck).


  • amazing was fun reading this one.....hope u'll had fun lifting ur heavy weight send me the pics of the Huge TV.....njoy ....

    By Blogger darshana, at 3:41 AM, July 11, 2008  

  • good to read...but the real experience was not good :-( t-shirt tore when we were trying to move the TV up the stairs and after 2 days i can still feel the pain in my hands.....anyways MISSION TOSHIBA was a success......:-)

    By Anonymous tharun, at 10:19 AM, July 11, 2008  

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