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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Movie weekend

After a long time I saw couple of movies over the weekend. Three movies to be precise.

1. Wall-E: Its the most adorable movie I have seen in recent times. Coming from the house of Pixar and Disney the animation, storyline and background music is awesome. But what stands out most in the film is with minimum dialogues the story unfolds beautifully. One of the best scenes in the movie is when Wall-E, the garbage disposing robot tries to impress EVE, a robot send to find life on earth, with his garbage disposing abilities. This is a too good movie to miss.

2. The Lives of Others: This German film is a 2007 Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film along with numerous international awards. The film is set during the mid 1980's period and tells the story of a Stasi (East Germany secret police) officer who during one of his artists monitoring operations gets influence goes beyond his duties to protects the writer/director of a theater being surveyed. The best scene of the movie is the film ending scene.

3. De Taali - This is a recent Hindi movie highly influenced or copied from 2001 Hollywood movie - Saving Silverman. Please don't care to watch this movie. Its a waste of time :-)