Rohit's nukkad

Sunday, July 06, 2008

It can't get better than this

What a fantastic game of tennis. Whomever one would have supported for the Wimbledon Men's singles finals today - whether Nadal or Federer as a fan of the game would have just loved it. More than four and half hours of amazing tennis filled with tense moments. Though I am great fan of Roger Federer and love his game I had a strong intuition of Nadal winning the finals today. There are couple of reasons for this: one Nadal has been in great form on grass court. He has improved his grass performance a lot and also came in very close last year to win the championship. Though Nadal lacks the ability to hit aces at will like Roger Federer on grass he makes it up by his speeed and agility on the court.

I hope to see another great game between these two next year on the Wimbledon center court.