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Sunday, August 26, 2007


WebOS or Webtop or web operating system, is moving the traditional desktop operating system to the web to support web applications. In the traditional sense the operating system had a dependency on the machine hardware and its drivers. But WebOS as no such dependency, one just needs a web browser to use a WebOS from any machine connected to the internet.
I found the concept very intriguing and with Google taking major strides to create such an operating system(if rumors are to be believed, but aren’t Google docs and spreadsheets a step in that direction). Till Google comes out of it own WebOS there are quite a few existing ones that one can explore. is one such webOS I explored. Though in it infancy(the alpha version is available right now) I found it very easy to operate. It provides login ftp to transfer files to the webOS 3GB free disk space. The feel of the desktop is similar to Microsoft windows, though a lot of widgets like notepad etc are built in. They have web editor to edit word documents, a web browser and many other operating system applications to use. One of the fun things I liked is the game of criket, names as Ashes, though not very high on graphics it is fun to play.

There are other available WebOS like YouOS, Desktoptwo, and many others which I hope to explore and review in my coming blog posts.