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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

10 reasons I like Family Guy

1. Stewie Griffin the adult vocabulary blabbering one year old kid.

2. The show explains stories in a mighty hilarious way.
e.g. the "free bare arms" as second amendment. One of the episodes it shows the founding fathers looking at "bear arms" hung on the wall and discussing if it would be ok to include in the second amendment.

3. The Stewie and Brian partner ship. No one understand Stewie better than Brian and they bring down the house when both are drunk.

4. Peter and rooster fight, a random event for no apparent reason.

5. The show being animated nothing is impossible for the characters and the makers make good use of this liberty.

6. The take on celebrities in the show.

7. Peter Griffin's laughter .....eeeehhheeee

8. The evil monkey and Herbert who are always after Chris

9. Peter's friends - always charged up Joe, the gigadi gigadi guy Glenn Quagmire, and Cleveland

10. Last but not the least Peter's amazing flashbacks.