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Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Rainmaker

Keeping up with my reading of John Grisham's work, I just completed another interest book by the author "The Rainmaker". Like most of John Grisham's work this book deals with lawyers, law firms and courthouse.

The book is very different from "The Firm", it revolves around a young lawyer, Rudy Baylor just out of law school but one without a job and not much to look up as a bright career as a lawyer. Due to series of events he is forced to work with J. Lyman "Bruiser" Stone, a lawyer whose track record is famous for fighting cases for people on the wrong side of the law. Though Rudy Baylor stumbles on a good case against a big health insurance company, which Bruiser decides to fight while Rudy learns in court. But Bruiser disappears overnight and Rudy is left with "paralawyer", Deck who has not passed the bar exam even after six attempts, to fight the case against the best law firm in Memphis.

The book tracks Rudy's work as a lawyer, character's like Deck who knows how to get and win cases without being a lawyer. A Hollywood movie by the same name with Matt Damon as the lead character and Danny De Vito as Deck was released in 1997. This was one of John Grisham's work where I had seen the movie before I picked the movie. But no complains, the book keeps one engrossed entirely. Another recommended work if you want to read Grisham's work.