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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How much HOT sauce can you take

Over the weekend I had a unique experience of tasting the spiciest sauce I have ever tasted. I had gone to purchase a sub(a 6 inch sandwich) for supper while the sub was being prepared I couldn't help noticing the large variety of sauces at the sub shop. I asked the owner to direct me to the spiciest sauce possible. And he happily pointed to the Mad Dog Sauce 357. The owner challenged me that if am able to have two table spoons of the sauce with my sub then the sub is FREE.

While the proposition was interesting, it got me thinking how much spicy is the sauce actually. SO to get the feeling of the sauce I just licked a small part of it and my tongue and lips started burning like hell. It was just plain HOT just HOOOOTTTT. I had never tasted anything spicier or hotter than this. It got me running for water to sooth out the effect. Even after couple of glasses of water the spiciness lasted for good 10 minutes. And this was just a bit of the sauce. I can't imagine what would be effect be of two table spoons of the sauce trying to extract a free sub :-)

A few highlights about Mad Dog Sauce 357

1. The hotness is just below the legal limit to call it a sauce

2. Its hotness is 357000 in scoville units (units to measure hotness where 0 is regular bell peppers). Tabasco sauce rates 2000 scoville units.

3. It is 70 times hotter than jalapeƱo

4. The bottle has a warning - "this sauce will blow you away" and it really does.

And even if now you are not convinced about the spiciness of this sauce you should give it a try. Make sure to just taste it before thinking of gulping in large quantities ( I am sure you won't think about it once you have tasted it).