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Monday, October 27, 2008

Austin Film Festival

At a recently concluded Austin Film Festival (16th and 23rd October 2008) I got an opportunity to watch a number of independent, international and short films. One of the movies, Lost and Found, a Japanese film and jury winner of the Narrative Feature Competition is one of the outstanding movies I had viewed in recent times.

Movie Synopsis:
A rural train station in Japan is the setting for this charming and sad story. The lives of the denizens of this station, from the lovelorn to the lonely, all intersect in and around the lost and found department. Shot with an incredible grace, and with wonderfully subtle and human performances by an ensemble cast, Miyake’s feature is a tale of human bonds and the need for connection.

Courtesy: Austin Film Festival

The movie is very sensitive, simple and has great screenplay. The camera work is unique, it might be amateurish but weaves well with the movie story. Don't miss a chance to view this wonderful movie.