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Sunday, November 09, 2008

The unknown link between Mexico and India

I enjoy talking to common people from different walks of life, and one of such recent conversations led me to the discover an unexplored connection between Mexico and India.

I was talking to a Mexican immigrant who has been in the US for the past 20 years. On the topic of hobbies, the person informed me reading comics as one of his hobbies. He has used comics like Batman for improving his English verbal skills other than using it as a good means of entertainment. On digging more he told that as a child he used to enjoy - Kaliman comics in Mexico.

The character Kaliman fascinated me and while looking up for more information I found that Kaliman is very popular comic book hero across Latin America. "Kaliman an orphan, adopted by prince Abul Pasha from one of the kingdoms in the valley of Kalimantan, he's the fifth man in a dynasty of men dedicated to preserving justice in the world, and that he's the seventh man of the goddess Kali's dynasty"* !!!!!

Kali - if you are familiar with Hindu religion, Goddess Kali is associated with death and destruction. So Kaliman belongs to the goddess Kali dynasty and works on eradicating evil from the world.

Kaliman and, I don't know how the writers got the idea for this comic hero. But somewhere they linked the mysterious character to goddess Kali. Leading to a wonderful link between Mexico and India. Hmmm.......interesting, very interesting.

*courtesy : Wikipedia